Karla Guzman
began to dance at a very young age. She studied differents dance styles such as ballet, modern dance and classical Spanish, to finally dedicate herself to flamenco.

Guzman studied with dancers such as Mercedes and Karime Amaya in Mexico; Ciro, La Tati, La China and Manolete in Madrid; Domingo Ortega and Ana María López in Jerez (Spain); Adela Campallo, Pastora and Israel Galván, Mercedes Ruiz, Manuela Ríos, Isabel Bayón and El Junco in Seville and Manuel Liñán, José Maya, Andrés Peña and Farru in Paris.

Guzman has performed in many different countries such as Mexico, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Japan amongs others. In France Guzman danced at L’Alhambra de Paris, Planète Andalucia, at the 2nd Flamenco Festival in Lille in the north of France, at the Parisian Faire (Foire de Paris) at the Comedia Theatre, at Flamenco en France and the Bodega Festival of Flamenco at Mont de Marsan amongs many others.

In Mexico Guzman dance at The Palace of Fine Arts, Hidalgo Theater, Dance Theater , Arts Theater, etc.